The Future Of Baffle Creek

future of Baffle Creek

The future of Baffle Creek for recreational fishing and boating is in question as a review of the zoning plan for Great Sandy Marine Park gets underway.

There are are a number of changes that have been proposed with a view to maintaining a balance between conservation and recreation, as well as increasing the protection of turtles and their habitat.

Proposed Changes To Baffle Creek 

Some of the suggestions include:

  • Improving existing management
  • Introduction of seasonal restrictions for recreational users
  • Go slow areas
  • Establishment of conservation park zones
  • Establishment of marine national park zones.

Read more about zoning plan opportunities in Great Sandy Marine Park discussion paper.

Objections to Proposed Baffle Creek Zoning Changes

If you have concerns about the Great Sandy Marine Park Zoning Review, you can sign this petition that asks:

“Queensland residents draws to the attention of the House that residents, business owners and stakeholders in the Baffle Creek region find any consideration of converting the zoning of the current Baffle Creek catchment to ‘Marine National Park’ or ‘Green Zone’ as a possible perverse outcome and unacceptable.

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