Top Fishing Tips For Beginners

New to fishing? Not sure where to start? Here are 4 fishing tips that will help you on your way to your next big catch.

Get The Right Fishing Rod & Reel

How do you know which is the right rod and reel? It will depend on the type of fish you are likely to catch. For fishing at Broadwater, it is likely that you will be catching flathead or whiting so go for a light rod with a spinner reel.

Don’t Choose A Line That is Too Heavy

Your first fish is unlikely to be big, so choose a fishing line that is labelled as an “all-rounder.” Usually, these lines are around the 4kg mark. Casting with a heavy line is difficult and requires experience. Conversely, a line that is too light may result in you losing your fish!

Bobbers/Floats Make Fishing Easier

A float or bobber allows you to see and feel when a fish grabs your bait, making things much easier for the beginner. They also keep your bait off the bottom and in the same area where the fish are biting.

Match Your Hook To Your Fish

Again knowing the type of fish you are likely to catch will help you determine the size of the hook you need. It may seem obvious, but a big hook is suited to big fish and a small hook is good for catching small fish.

Before you head out on the water, don’t forget to brush up on the recreational fishing rules and regulations for Queensland.