Catch More Fish in Deepwater : 3 Tips

Fish in Deepwater

Are you ready to have the most fun, relaxing, and bountiful fishing trip in Deepwater? First of all, we absolutely must recommend that you go with the best fishing accommodation in Baffle Creek at Broadwater Haven. When you stay here, you’ll be right next to sand flats, where you can fish for flathead, flounder, and whiting, among numerous other types of fish.

You can also take a short drive and head down to Baffle Creek to do some fishing by boat, or you can wait until high tide and get boat access at Broadwater Haven, as well. See why it’s the best accommodation in Deepwater for fishing trips?

Of course, just staying near the best areas for fishing along the eastern coast of Australia won’t be quite enough to ensure that you have a successful trip. You’ll also want to make sure that you have the right gear and the right techniques for catching the kinds of fish you’re targeting. So here are a few tips to help you catch more fish in Deepwater.

Follow “Flounder Tracks”

At low tide, walk along the sand flats and take a look at the sand and mud. In some areas, you’ll see that it’s more disturbed than others because the flounders will hang out in areas where there’s more food and bury themselves in the mud. Then, as the tide goes out, they’ll wriggle out of the mud and swim away, leaving “flounder tracks.” If you’re searching for bait, these areas will have more of what you’re looking for at low tide. Then at high tide, remember that area because you’re going to want to go back there for some great catches.

Lead Flounder to the Boat

Another good tip for fishing for flounder when you’re on a boat is to lead them. You’ll catch larger flounders, and more of them, if you cast your line out a bit farther but then slowly reel it in. Flounders often follow their food for a while before they bite, so be patient – just lead them to the boat.

Use a Multi-Hook Rig for Whiting

If you’re trying to get whiting in the sand flats or out in the surf, you may have your best luck with multi-hook rigs. These will have two or three shorter lines with hooks tethered to a weighted end. You’ll have even more luck if you set more than one rod out with this kind of configuration. Then you’ll just have to go back and forth and check on each rod to make sure that you don’t have to reel anything in. You’ll have plenty to do, and you’ll have a really good chance of catching quite a few whiting for a great meal when you get done for the day.

And here’s a bonus tip if you’re fishing for whiting. They’re not very big, so you’ll want to get a few, but they have very soft bodies, which make them easy to clean, gut, and cook. You can actually remove the scales with a spoon, and then you’ll just have to wash, batter, and fry them for a great dinner with your family.

If you’re looking for the best fishing accommodation in Deepwater QLD, you’ll find it right here at Broadwater Haven. The two-bedroom cabins are spacious and comfortable, making it easy to bring “home” the day’s catch and prepare it for a tasty and filling meal. Plus, with so many great opportunities for prime freshwater or saltwater fishing, you really can’t go wrong when you come to Deepwater and stay at Broadwater Haven for your next fishing trip.